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About the Blood Line Trilogy

What would happen if your family was the last left alive? The Blood Line Trilogy will have you glancing sideways at your relatives . . . and wondering.

The 2003 SARS pandemic occurred as Mike was about to travel to the United Kingdom. He pondered the question 'what's going to happen if this pandemic gets out of control, how am I going to protect myself and my family?' The answer to those questions lead to him writing the Blood Line Trilogy.


Blood Line (originally published as The Crucial Gene) (the first volume)

When a Super-SARS pandemic strikes, members of the Chatfield family living in New Zealand discover they posses a crucial advantage. Guessing that their relations on the other side of the world might also have escaped the devastating virus, and knowing that for their ultimate survival they must increase their gene pool, two members of the family's New Zealand branch embark on a perilous journey in a small yacht. The community they find on the other side of the world is a very different one, based on the rule of fear. Not only does it look impossible to take anyone back to New Zealand, but it may also be impossible for them to escape themselves.

Blood Line is sharp, gripping and plausibly scary.



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Blood Bond (the second volume)

The New Zealand contingent of the Chatfield family escape the repressive regime at Haver House in the UK, and sail back to the southern hemisphere, taking members of the UK branch of the family with them. Stopping in South Africa and then Australia, they are faced by unexpected dangers but also the hope that there might be other survivors. What awaits them in New Zealand, though, is even more challenging. And can those left in the UK survive one another?

Blood Bond is an exciting page-turner that keeps surprising… up to the last page.

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Blood Roots (the final volume)

The Chatfield family, scattered across the globe continue to fight for survival. Their only hope is to form one strong community together, but power struggles, violence and deception keep them apart.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Blood Line trilogy, the New Zealand community makes a last desperate bid to return to their relatives and Blood Roots in England. Along the way they discover more survivors of the super-SARS pandemic, but is this new addition to the gene pool more trouble than it's worth?

Blood Roots will keep you guessing to the very end.

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