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About the ‘Big Aggie’ Series

The author Michael Green learned to sail on Royal Navy cutters and whalers, while serving as a cadet at Training Ship Mercury based on the river Hamble near Southampton.  

After leaving the Merchant Navy he lived near Glasgow where he built and raced a Mirror Class sailing dinghy called Wee Aggie.

Moving to New Zealand in 1974, Michael purchased a Davidson M-20 trailer-yacht, which he named Big Aggie.  Whilst these novels are works of fiction, many of the events in The Big Aggie Series are inspired by incidents suffered or witnessed by Michael himself.  (Michael, of course, bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the main character in the book - Blanco White!)


Big Aggie Sails the Gulf

Blanco White, an accident-prone, forty-something bachelor, accidentally acquires a trailer yacht. He does not have a clue how to sail and subjects his friends - and in particularly his long-suffering girlfriend Sylvia - to a series of hilarious misadventures. Incident follows incident, and finally Blanco is seen sailing off alone into the sunset, his friends concerned and wondering what will happen to him next... 




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Big Aggie Sails Again

...After having been missing for ten years, Blanco White, still a bachelor, turns up unannounced on his friend George’s doorstep.  Once Big Aggie is re-launched it becomes apparent Blanco’s sailing prowess has not improved.  His misadventures continue. Blanco has also decided it is time to settle down and to get married. There is a problem, his former girlfriend Sylvia appears to no longer be available. Blanco’s endeavours to find a partner and re-establish his life in New Zealand prove as entertaining as his sailing misadventures.




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